Kennel Website Design FAQ

Q. Is there any Pop-Up Ads or Advertisements?

Q. How much does it cost to have my own kennel website?
A. The cost for a 5 page website is $85 for 1 year and $15* per year for (*.NET and .ORG Add Additional $5.00). Kennel Website is pre-paid for 1 year. Total Cost is $100 a year.

Q. How do I send pictures to be used on my website?
A. You can email pictures via email. Or you can mail them to us. If your pictures have to be scanned by us, there is 75 cent charge for each picture we scan. When emailing pics, be sure to label which pic goes to which dog.

Q. What if I want more than 15 photos on my kennel site?
A. When we build your site, your allowed up to 15 photos. We charge a small fee for more than 15 photos to be added to a site. 75 cents per pic.

Q. What 5 pages can I have on my kennel website?
A. That is up to you. You can choose up to 5 pages you would like on the site. The EXAMPLE pages are examples of what 5 pages are on a site.

Q. Can I have any special scripts on my kennel site like guestbook, message board, and etc..?
A. We do offer special scripts added to your site. Email us on what script you want added to your site and we will quote you a price.

Q. What if I want more than 5 pages on my kennel site?
A. Our basic plan allows up to 5 pages for your site. If you need or want more pages for your site, the cost is $5 per page.

Q. What will my kennel website look like?
A. The Kennel Design page shows 2 example templates we use for your website design. When designing your site we change colors, backgrounds, and such to give your site it's own unique look. Take a look at some Kennel Websites we have done. Click Here

Q. What will updates to my kennel site cost?
A. Do to the low cost of having your site built and hosted for 1 year for $85 ($7.08/month), updates to your site will cost $5.00 for each minor update. Update consist of 1 page. If you would like us to scan pictures for your update there is a 75 cent fee for each picture we scan as well. Email us on your updates.

Q. What will updates to my supply website cost?
A. Each supply website is different. Updates normally run $10 for each page for minor updates. Sites with shopping carts will vary. Any changes in original design layout and or new layout to site will be an extra charge. Examples: New homepage layout, new site structure layout, major changes to scheme of site and etc..

Q. How do I send information for my website?
A. You will submit us the info for your website by email. When submitting the info via email, you can submit the info the following ways: text in an email, text file, or a doc file. (Please do not submit in excel.)

Q. Will my site show up in Search Engines?
A. Yes your site will be indexed in most search engines.( Some search engines may take weeks before they appear.

Q. What about an email address?
A. You can have a website email account or use your current email account.

Q. How do I pay for my site?
A. You can pay by check*, Money Order or Credit Cards through
*Returned check subject to $25.00 Service Charge.

Q. What is your Refund Policy?
A. Due to the site being created and domain name registered, we do not offer a refund. Site is pre-paid for 1 year. Basically we are charging for the hosting as well as the domain name and creating the site for free. Year begins from date of domain registration.

Q. How long does it take to build my kennel website?
A. Once we receive payment we will register your domain name. It takes about 48 hours for the DNS to become active on our server. Your site is usually up and running in 48 hours as long as we have all the info needed to build your site.

Q. What happens if my site is not working?
A. Email us and let us know. It may be the server is down. Worst case of sever going down most times is about 20 mintues. Most server work is done in late hours of morning ( 1:00am).

Q. Can I change my kennel name?
A. Yes you can change your kennel name, but you cannot change the kennel web address (

Q. What does it cost for a business website?
A. Due to different needs of each business, email us and we'll give you a price based on your needs. Depending on cost of business site, sometimes we ask for 1/2 up front, the other 1/2 when completed. If we have started building a business site, there is no refunds.

We apologize for any inconvenience as we shut down on weekends and holidays.

Added 03 Nov 2005
Updates must be paid for within 2 weeks of update. No new updates will be allowed until previous updates have been paid.

Added 16 May 2007
If payment for updates are not paid within 30 days of updates being completed, sites will be suspended until payment has been made.

Added 31 Dec 2007
Starting Jan 1st, 2008, New Kennel & Association Websites will run $85 a year for a 5 page website.

Added 31 Dec 2012
Starting Jan 1st, 2013, New Kennel & Association Websites will run $95 a year for a 5 page website.

Added 31 Mar 2014
Starting Apr 1st, 2014, New Kennel & Association Websites will run $100 a year for a 5 page website.

All Debit/Credit Card Refunds will be assessed a "Refund Fee" equal to the credit card fees we are assessed when taking debit/credit card payments.

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